Specialty Lists

Specialty Lists

Specialty Leads are one of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle for marketing departments, sales people, and agents. Good leads produce profit; bad lists waste your valuable time and money. Seasoned agents & marketing departments realize that to be successful they must always be working accurate lists to generate a constant stream of new clients.

JOV will get you the best Specialty Lists that will allow you to get your message to the best prospects for your products and services. Specialty Lists are compiled from trade shows, directories, surveys, trade associations, Internet, public record, government certification files and other proprietary sources. They allow you to reach specialized markets, professions and trade industries with greater accuracy and selectivity versus standard compiled files. With hundreds of categories to choose from let us find your target.

Here Are A Few Popular Specialty List Categories:

  • Travel Enthusiasts
  • Timeshare Interest
  • Mortgage Lists & Data
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Credit Repair
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Insurance


Investor List

JOV provides solutions to financial institutions, investor relation firms, ad agencies, marketing firms, list Brokers, and business professionals by generating information on qualified investors and consumers looking to entertain financial opportunities. Whether you are looking to reach this audience with Email, Direct Mail, or by phone JOV will get your message in front of the right audience of accredited investors, online traders, wealthy affluent consumers, stock market players, retirement and annuity buyers, and many more investor types.

We have built a proprietary database through our own financial sites and highly targeted marketing initiatives to produce a highly responsive and segmented database by type of investor. These investors are seeking opportunities and can be targeted in multiple ways. You have access to investor email lists, investor phone & mail lists, location and age of investor, type of investor, and other key demographics.

Take A Look At Some Of The Specific Investor Types We Provide Access Too:

  • Accredited Investors
  • Speculative Investors
  • Stock & Bond Investors
  • Small-cap Investors
  • Affluent Boomers
  • High Net Worth Investors
  • Oil & Energy Investors
  • High Income Seniors
  • High Income Young Investors
  • Precious Metal & Gold Investors
  • Green Investors
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Ultra Affluent