Search Engine Optimization and Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Organic SEO

What is SEO?

SEO – also known as Search Engine Optimization is a critical part to any marketing campaign. Organic SEO is a complement to Email Marketing. Just One Vision uses long term proven methods for gaining rank for your website. We take your success very seriously and work towards steadily building your rank with search engines. SEO is designed to help you get better results out of your website through improving SEO rankings.

Just One Vision knows every marketing dollar counts. We’ll help you choose the best keywords and then work to increase your rank on the major search engines. A good strategy is built carefully one step at a time. We work to get your business long lasting results for the long term.

We don’t just work to get you rank, we work to get you customers. From quality keyword research to maximizing the visitor’s experience at your website once they’ve clicked through, Just One Vision knows it’s not just getting ranked in Google, it’s getting customers!

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Search Engine Optimization

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There is one constant in the world of Search Engine Optimization—CHANGE! Our SEO experts at Just One Vision™ believe good SEO involves you! JOV pros know that sitting down with you and involving you in the process is crucial to your success and ours. Don’t be fooled into thinking an overseas SEO mill can tailor its work to your particular needs. Unlike much of the impersonal competition, we partner with you to work to provide the best strategy for your individual goals and needs. Just One Vision™ reps are always willing to meet with you through the entire process to answer any questions, concerns or to give you regular updates. It’s the way JOV does business best—since we’re both in the business of communicating!

Just One Vision™ Search Engine Optimization is designed to grow incrementally and steadily so that the results will be lasting. Lots of SEO mills offer quick Google rankings, but quick results often don’t last and fade from view while our SEO pros continue to employ a structure that is designed to build long term rank, not short term gains.

Take a few moments to study all that we offer in our initial assessments, and we think you’ll see that it will be one of the best decisions and ROI you could make.

Initial Report – $1000

Service Includes:

  • Website Analysis and Recommendations
    Recommendations to changes to website copy and structure for customer search friendly content (5 pages)
  • Initial Industry / Market Research
    Research competitors and industry websites / practices / searches
  • Initial Keyword Research
    Recommend keywords that customers are searching for in your business
  • Inbound Links Research
    Research major inbound links existing to the website
  • Website Image Review
    Research all major images on the website and provide analysis based on the keywords recommended
  • Website Menu
    Recommend customization of website menu and webpage titles based on keyword research
  • HTML Changes
    Proper HTML changes for 5 pages:
  • Add: 5 pages of HTML , Website Analysis, Image Review – $1000
  • Add: 10 pages of HTML Changes, Website Analysis, Image Review – $1500
  • Add: 15 pages of HTML Changes, Website Analysis, Image Review – $2000

Inbound Linking and Content Writing – $600 monthly (6 hours of SEO updating)

  • Profile Building (1 hour)
    Profile building (Industry Specific Profiles)
  • Website On Page Updating (2 hours)
    Write and Modify Copy for up to 2 web pages or external blog each month / Install and Generate Onsite Blog Content
    Article Reviewing for inclusion in website
    Website change input
  • Inbound Linking (3 hours)
    Establish and maintain inbound linking for website / Forum posting / Bog interactions

Recommended: Add more copy, inbound links, and blogs for just $1200 monthly (double the hours, 12 hours)