Lead Generation Marketing

Lead Generation Marketing

Just One Vision uses technology that connects marketers to consumers through a comprehensive set of email marketing and online media services. Our expertise includes online marketing, customer acquisition, email delivery, Lead Generation marketing!

What can Lead Generation marketing do for your business? Lead Generation in sales can help increase your revenue through new customers. Start generating consumer interest in your goods and services immediately! Just One Vision experts will work to bring customers to you. Is your business a niche business? We can help generate leads no matter the size or scope of your business.

3 Sources of Lead Generation that we can put to work for you:

  • Co-Registrations- Building your own email marketing list can be time consuming, so why not split the work? Co-Registration allows you to partner with another website to build both email lists. Just One Vision finds the right partners who reach your audience without competing with you! We help write the copy, monitor performance and track results!
  • Surveys- Generate more leads by surveys! Just One Vision will design your survey so that the best targeted respondents stand out. Our marketing experts handle all aspects of the surveys for you. We will track feedback and constantly improve survey questions when and if necessary to ensure the best response rate possible.
  • Direct Mail- Just One Vision is a leader in Direct Mail services. We will do it all for you from Lead Generation to customer acquisition, we will guide your strategy, creative, production, mailing and fulfillment to help you grow your customer base.


Co-registrations offer companies the opportunity to build a list in a short period of time. Co-registrations are leads generated through our network of sites. Through key strategic alliances, we have access to a network of sites. You can have access to the traffic driven by these sites and put your opt-in request or offer in front of millions of consumers each month. Best of all, the co-registrations are 100% opt-in. Some sites register up to 60 million co-registration page views per month with almost double the traffic during the holiday season. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, co-registration is the fastest-growing segment of Internet advertising. Co-Registration’s market-share tripled from 2% in ’04 to 6% in ‘05, making it online advertising’s fastest growing sector with a $1 billion market. Co-Registration offers can be dynamically served based on geo-targeting, demographic information, referring site, and other factors.


Build a comprehensive database of interested consumers. The higher conversion rates custom Lead Generation programs deliver will outweigh the implementation costs. Custom Co-registration is the most excepted form of Lead Generation. It gives you the opportunity to build your opt-in prospect lists for e-newsletter subscriptions, memberships, loyalty programs, catalog subscriptions, new product launches and more. We guarantee that you are targeting the right market.

More Just One Vision Benefits:

  • Top quality offers
    We only work with top brands and web properties.
  • Custom-designed registrations Registration offers are customized to look exactly like your website.
  • Data verification
    Advanced data confirmation technology at the point of registration to minimize bad registrations.
  • Relevancy
    Our technology self-optimizes and dynamically targets offers to ensure your site visitors are presented with appropriate offers while you, in turn, earn the highest possible revenue.
  • Freedom of choice
  • No incentives or opt-out offers
    Advertisers pay only when they acquire new opt-in users that they can market to directly.
  • Pre-qualification:
    Advertisers can target qualified users based on their front end custom questions.
  • Flexible lead processing systems
    (accepts all e-mail, FTP and HTTP formats).
  • Improve future marketing campaigns:
    Through the better understanding of your potential customers.