Creative Guidelines

  •  Text version of the campaign – should be in an ASCII text format (.txt).
  •  HTML version of the campaign – should be in a HTML format *.html or *.htm. (we do not accept HTML files created in MS-Word)
  •  If the HTML has images in it, then all images must be in the email with the text & HTML files.
  •  Approval test will be sent within 24hrs after we receive complete creative.
  •  Live Broadcast will be sent within 24hrs after test is approved by client.
  •  Email creative weight should not exceed 50kb.
  •  Creative Images are to be provided as GIF / JPG or PSD formats.

Copy Approval

Advertiser must deliver to Just One Vision; (“Just One Vision”) the content of the advertisement Advertiser is contracting Just One Vision to broadcast (the “Copy”) no less than three (3) days prior to the desired email broadcast date. All Copy shall be subject to Just One Vision’s approval. Just One Vision reserves the right to reject any Copy that advertises or promotes any product or service involving illegal activity, illegal products, illegal product paraphernalia, sexual paraphernalia, adult films or other media, gambling, weapons, illicit activities, chain letters, pyramid fund raising, or similar types of material. By reserving this right, Just One Vision shall not be legally obligated for any failure to advise Advertiser of the nature of any such Copy.