About Us

We are the trail blazers from the email marketing revolution of 2000 who created our own technology for the best email delivery system in the USA and founded JOV as the premier email delivery system in 2012.  There is a substantial reason why American Presidential advisers, Disney Ad Campaigns, the auto giant manufacturers and retailers use the JOV delivery system. We provide consistent delivery of email campaigns to the eyes of those who need to see them.

JOV has been the leader in email marketing with a team that has over 7 decades of wholesale, email marketing experience. We are the premier choice used by the elite, mass-marketing companies to deliver Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer email messages.

If you want effective and inexpensive marketing, take advantage of our consumer database with over 400,000,000 consumers who have opted in, looking for the products and services your customers offer.  Click “HERE and contact us today.

Our History


Just One Vision, Inc. was born and Kailen Goddard acquired a new partner, Linda Smolen, an Executive in Sales on a National level for internet marketing.

Just One Vision, Inc. expanded its workforce and developed auto deployment technology.



Just One Vision, Inc. moved its office to Hendersonville, TN. (current location)

Just One Vision, Inc. acquired new shareholder Allison Johnson and Linda Smolen retired.